Leslie Hawthorne Leone, Real Estate Agent


Designing Your Home Office

by Leslie Leone 02/07/2019

If you are working from home or considering starting a new business at home, a home office is essential for what you do. But you don't have to break into a bank to create your own home office; you can instead use the things that you find affordable or readily available to creatively come up with something that is functional and effective for you.

    Use Sunlight to your advantage:

    Give the walls a new look:

    Find a comfortable chair:

    Add some touch of greenery:

    Make the space personal:

    Put the little spaces to efficient use:

Whatever intentions you had for setting up your office at home, make sure it’s something more than a regular chair and table set up in the guest bedroom. You want to be as comfortable and at ease, as you can be. You also want your workspace to inspire productivity and be presentable enough to stage an official meeting if/when the need arises. Visit your local home improvement store for bargains on items that you may need