Leslie Hawthorne Leone, Real Estate Agent


5 Smart House Cleaning Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

by Leslie Leone 03/14/2019

There are several items included in a regular home-cleaning arsenal. The common ones you would find are cleaners, vinegar, and dishwashing soap. Hydrogen peroxide is gradually becoming more popular in the cleaning industry because of its invaluable uses. If you are well informed, then you would know it's hard to beat hydrogen peroxide in price and results. Here are five smart applications of hydrogen peroxide in house cleaning.

    Clean cutting boards and disinfect home surfaces.

    Clean the toilet. 

    Eliminate grout and mold. 

    Remove Stains. 

    Safe cleaner for toys.

 Hydrogen peroxide is cheap, available in almost every store, and easy to use. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with a few bottles with a visit to the store. Clean stains out of the carpet with hydrogen peroxide before putting your house on the market.